Waste Management

Construction and demolition projects can lead to an enormous amount of waste. The responsibility for removing waste falls on the shoulders of the Owner, and not having the proper guidance could lead to serious penalties and damage to the environment. That’s where Salandria Environmental Managers come in.

We approach waste management with a responsible, efficient manner that ensures your requirements are met. Working closely with our clients, we determine their needs, assess any waste handling challenges, and then develop the best solution. Our team has skills built on years of being in the industry, and when it comes to waste management, we’ve been there, done that, and cleaned it up.

Solid Waste Management

We specialize in solid waste management, including excavation, monitoring soil treatment and disposal. We follow any local, provincial and federal environmental compliance to the last letter to ensure the waste is disposed of responsibly so you can have peace of mind.

Chemical Waste Management

Adhering to the latest environmental compliance regulations, we offer full service characterization, lab packing, preparation, transportation, disposal, and diversion application for chemical waste. We have the equipment and expertise to handle any chemical waste situation, removing it efficiently so you can rest easy.